Electronic Devices Group

Emrise's Electronic Devices group are market leaders in Power Conversion products and Radio Frequency devices and subsytems.. Backed by 50 years in the aerospace and defense market, our track record of success encompasses a wide range of products and technology. The company provides solutions to such projects as "Stealth " aircraft, commercial aircraft, In flight Entertainment, radar systems and cockpit displays.

Power Systems RF Devices
EMRISE Power Systems companies XCEL Power Systems Ltd and Pascall Electronics Ltd provide an extensive range of custom, semi custom and standard power supply products, including:-

High and low voltage, high specification, high reliability custom power supplies for hostile environments such as aerospace and defense markets.

Industry standard DC to DC power supplies.

Customisable/configurable power conversion units. (COTS).

Emrise Corporation RF and Microwave subsidiary Pascall Electronics manufactures a range of Radio Frequency and microwave components, devices and subsystems for Defense and aerospace applications.
Our product range extends from frequency control products such as PLDRO, OCXO and STALO to Log Amplifiers, and to our custom RF assemblies.


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