Timing & Synchronization Systems

Larus Corporation was founded in 1980 to manufacture telecommunications products for use by local telephone companies, long distance providers, and the public and private networks of North America.

Larus recognized very early that Digital network connectivity is dependent upon the availability of a reliable synchronization source to provide a timing reference to the network elements and are now a recognized leader in the manufacture of sophisticated network timing and synchronization products. The products provide a complete range of the timing and synchronization products required to facilitate the efficient transmission of Digital signals. Larus timing products are deployed by Regional Bell Operating companies, Independent Telephone Companies, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers, government, utility companies,private communication networks, OEM manufacturers both domestically and internationally.

Larus products provide a full range of industry standard timing and synchronization systems, performing to Stratum1 Stratum 2 and Stratum 3E standards. These standards define the accuracy and "holdover" for the timing performance. Stratum 1 refers to an autonomous timing source such as an atomic clock or Cesium oscillator with no errors in 4 to 5 months. Stratum 2, 3, 3E etc normally track an input source, such as GPS. Should that source fail, the Stratum levels define the maximum allowable drift e.g 1.6 x 10-8 over a 1 year period.

Examples of the group's Timing and Synchronization products include:

  • StarClock 200E:- An innovative Synchronization Timing System offering flexible and cost-effective solutions for Stratum 1, Stratum 2E, and Stratum 3E timing for digital transmission and synchronization applications. The system provides a redundant and jitter-free source of framed ones and composite clock and is synchronized to an equal or higher stratum framed reference source. The StarClock 200E can be employed in a wide variety of  transmission environments.
  • StarClock TiemPo 6400:- Flexible and scaleable NextGen Synchronization and Timing System for TDM and Next Generation PAcket Timing applicationsconfogurable to provide Stratum 1, 2E or 3E.
  • StarSync:- Range of NTP/PTP IEEE-1588v2 Timing and Synchronisation products for Next Generation networks. Providing ultra-high precision, high bandwidth carrier class network time servers, Grandmaster Clocks and NTP Time Servers designed to support both IP and legacy networks

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